Best Simple Guide on How to Get a Job at Gamestop 2022

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GameStop operates as one of the largest gaming retail chains in the world. Through a network of over 6,600 locations, the retailer provides jobs to roughly 17,000 individuals.

Best Simple Guide on How to Get a Job at Gamestop 2021

GameStop is an American video game, consumer electronics, and gaming merchandise retailer. The company is headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, United States, a suburb of Fort Worth.

It operates 5,509 retail stores throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe as of February 1, 2020.

The company’s retail stores primarily operate under the GameStop, EB Games, ThinkGeek, and Micromania-Zing brands.

The company conducts candid and informal rounds of interviews but screens applicants intensively for knowledge of gaming systems, software, and accessories.


Applicants must also prove abilities in customer service and sales. GameStop traces its roots to Babbage’s, a Dallas, Texas-based software retailer founded in 1984 by former Harvard Business School classmates James McCurry and Gary M. Kusin.

The company was named after Charles Babbage and opened its first store in Dallas’s North Park Center with the help of Ross Perot, an early investor in the company.

Simple Guide on How to Get a Job at Gamestop

The company quickly began to focus on video game sales for the then-dominant Atari 2600. Babbage’s began selling Nintendo games in 1987. 

The company went public in 1988. By 1991, video games accounted for two-thirds of Babbage’s sales. Below are the steps to get a job at Gamestop.

1. Assess your Connections and try to Benefit from them

Gamestop is a nationwide company. Your connection in the company can help you to get an interview with them, or at least they can pass your resume to the manager in a local store.

Polish your old address book, check your Facebook friend list, give a call to a few people, and see if anyone can help you.

A personal recommendation can help immensely, especially in this case, when there are so many applications per vacancy, and it is hard to tell the difference between the applicants (typically young people, with similar resumes and experience).

2. Create a Connection by Going Directly to the Store

If you do not have a good connection with someone at Gamestop, it is time to make one.

Try to visit the store regularly, talk to the employees, make friends, buy something–buy a lot of stuff. Anytime you talk to them, try to demonstrate your communication skills, and show passion for what they do in the company.

As soon as they consider you a regular, don’t hesitate and bring your resume. They may help you to become a member of the team, especially if they like you and if they enjoy the idea of working with you.


3. Apply Online in the Best Possible Way

If you fail to make a connection at Gamestop (or prefer to not follow this path), you have only one alternative left–the online application process.

Try to complete all the fields on the application, and do as much as you can to prepare for the phone interview with the manager, and for the interview with the company.

This includes but is not limited to–preparation for behavioral questions, preparation for a role play, research about Gamestop, their history, vision, retail stores, etc.

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