Things to do Before Studying Medicine and Surgery in 2022 Update : Current School News

Things to do Before Studying Medicine and Surgery in 2022 Update

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– Medicine and Surgery –

It is fantastic that you are dreaming to study one of the most professional courses, Medicine and Surgery. Research has proven that medicine and surgery is the most sought after course in universities.

Things to do Before Studying Medicine

Many students actually consider this course to solve their problems. It is good, but you have to understand certain things before going to study the course.

These are the basic things:

1. Career Opportunities

Career opportunities you will find in the course are interesting. You might choose to go into primary health care and practice your work or you can choose to specialize in any field below;

1. Dermatology

2. Emergency medicine,

3. General medicine,

4. Geriatric medicine

5. Gynecology

6. Medical research and education

7. Oncology

5. Neurology

6. Obstetrics

7. Pediatrics

8. Psychiatry

9. Pathology

10. Public health

11. Radiology

12. Surgery

2. Admission Requirements for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

The admission requirements for studying medicine differ according to different countries. In Nigeria, they admit candidates to the MBBS degree program either through Jamb examination, using Jamb criteria for a six year program, or through the direct entry for a year programme.e for candidates with GCE/HSC.


Candidates applying with JAMB need the following subject combination in UTME examination:

i. English language

ii. Chemistry

iii. Physics

iv. Mathematics

3. Severe Passion for the Course

Yes, this is another good thing to know before going for the course medicine and surgery. Ask yourself, do I really have a passion for the course, or I’m I just going into it because of what the society considers it to be?

If you are going into the course with the mindset of making lots of money, that means if I offer you $100 billion to quit medicine forever, you will graciously accept my offer.

Before making the wrong decisions, know the real reason you are applying for the course. Those that are passionate about the course are not really swayed by what happens around them.

4. Medicine and Surgery Requires Discipline

Most people who go into medical school are behind maturity.

Don’t get it twisted!

Before you enter medical school, understand that most medical students are nerd, hardcore and smart who spend time on their academics when they should have a lot of fun in the social aspect of school life.

Are you ready to develop that hardcore spirit?

5. Have Good Study Habits

Studies have shown that medical student studies beyond time as compared to other students. As a medical student, you will certainly come across certain books that are bulky and boring to study.

Don’t conclude yet, here is the key:

The problem of a new study habit has been a challenge to too many first-year students, as they continue to study the course the way they studied in high school.

Cramming as a way of studying medicine will lead you to a pitfall. Of course, you can’t cram over fifteen textbooks of about one to two inches.

In medical school, there are too many materials to study and the best way to deal with them is not cramming.

You will feel like writing people off:

You will definitely get pissed off by some things you will notice in people. It is tempting but tries not to piss people off. As a medical student, you will want to feel so special, and then egoism sets in.

Don’t write anyone off. Many people will definitely look up to you to solve their problems (health or non-health), don’t see anyone as less important.

Despite your tight schedule, offer a helping hand. Learn excellent communication skills and be polite to everyone. Don’t forget whoever you meet on your way up you will surely meet on your way down.

6. Although “Education is expensive”, Medicine and Surgery is …

Olusegun Obasanjo, former Nigerian president once said “education is not for the poor, and to some extent, I agree with him”. Medicine and surgery are not for the poor, it is one of those courses with a high amount of tuition fees. Yes!

This is obtainable in Nigeria. As a med student, know that you will need money to purchase good textbooks which are very costly in the prize.

You will ask: what if I don’t have money but I’m zealous for the course?

Good news!

If you are financially weak, try not to be poor mentally. There are thousands of scholarships for med students available online and offline. You can seize this opportunity and study your dream course.


7. You May be Careless About Your Health

Every medical student is always busy getting the assignment done, complete the term paper and read hard for tests/exams.

Whatever the case is, try as much as possible to Eat Healthily, Exercise, and Sleep. Denying yourself of these three things will pose a problem to your health and it will be detrimental to your academics.

When you are in medical school, create time for yourself. Of course, you know you cannot cheat nature.

Here is the secret,

The secret of solving this problem is creating a personal timetable. Your time table will tell you when to study and when to rest.

8. The God Factor

God is the ultimate and he is the only healer. Acknowledge the fact that God heals, not your profession.

Doctors have ascertained the facts that some of the healing done is mysterious, that is to say, that there is certainly another hand behind the healing of many.

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