How to Post Articles and Links on Nairaland Forum 2021 Updates : Current School News

How to Post Articles and Links on Nairaland Forum 2022 Updates

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 – Post Articles and Links on Nairaland –

Post Articles and Links on Nairaland: Nairaland forum is one of the most popular online communities in Africa created by Seun Osewa in March year 2005. This article will guide you on how to create a post on Nairaland.

How to Post Articles and Links on Nairaland Forum 2021 Updates

Currently, the forum has over 1,400,000 registered accounts (as of August 2015), and is ranked as the 7th most visited site in Nigeria and the most visited indigenous site in the country according to and online website ranker.

From our research recently, we’ve observed that thousands of people online have been yearning for tutorials on how to create posts on the Nairaland forum


This article is created solely for that purpose. Below, you will learn hacks involve in creating and publishing articles/links on Nairaland forum. Stay tuned.

How to Post on Nairaland Forum?

1). Log on to Nairaland forum .com or Nairaland forum app as usual,

2). Open the new tab in your browser,

3). Enter the name of the website (URL),

4). Open a link to,

5). Make sure that you are registered at the forum (or do the registration),

6). You will see various subjects, and you will be able to scroll them down. At the end of the complete list of subjects, you will see the ‘Create a topic’ button,

7). Create a new topic, filling in all the obligatory fields, and save (post) it to public access.

8). You have to be a registered user of Nairaland and shouldn’t place inadmissible advertising as it will limit or cancel your access to Nairaland forever.


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Awesome Things you can Do on Nairaland Forum

Post on Nairaland Forum – Below are some of the things you can do on Nairaland to help you make the best use of the platform

1). Its one of the best platforms to get the Latest / Breaking News in Nigeria, so keying into this is another way to optimize your use of this top Nigeria forum.

2). If you have any questions or issues to discuss and you won’t answer, Nairaland would be one of your best choices.

3). It is an active forum so if you face a problem and seek help Nairaland would be perfect. Assuming you are in need of info on how to scan a computer for viruses, you can easily post any request you have on the appropriate section on Nairaland and surely within a short period of time Nairalanders would tell you what to do.

4). Bloggers or webmasters can use the forum to drive targeted Nigerian traffic to their blog or website.

5). There are numerous active users on Nairaland so you can advertise your products and services easily on this platform.

6). If you need new friends with who you can have open and helpful discussions with you can also find some on Nairaland.

7). You can also make money on Nairaland by selling your products on the platform. You can also advertise your skill and in turn, get employees from Nairaland.

8). You can get jobs on this platform as vacancies in Nigeria are frequently posted on the Nairaland Job section

9). If you want to share pictures, videos, or audio files and trying to get more views for these, using Nairaland would also be good for you.

10). You can also are free to learn an endless list of new different useful knowledge on Nairaland from the different tutorials been posted on the platform daily.

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CSN Team.

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