How Do I Make Payment Through Remita?

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Remita places an online payment solution across networks that houses both banks and customers thus facilitating the movement of funds from banks and other customers through a single platform. But then, how does it work? To get an answer, you have to read on.

Remita Payment - How to Make and Receive Payments on Remita

Remita Payment Channel gets easier when you use some mediums like Branches of Any Commercial Bank Nationwide or even Credit/Debit Card (PagaWallets, Visa and MasterCard).

The bank also adopted a formal application known as Remita Websites Payment Procedure for the collection and disbursement of funds on behalf of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

It is used by 22 commercial banks and 400 microfinance banks in the country and is also an e-payment platform open for individuals wishing to use it. 

Among others, public and private agencies, including NGOs, Multinationals, Corporations, Government Agencies and Parastatals, Religious institutions, Educational institutions, Hotels, and hospitality organizations, Health institutions, Common individuals and many others could use this platform.

Can One Make Payment Through Remita?

Of course! To make a payment through Remita, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Remita Website: On the website, type in the search bar and click to open it from your bank online banking page. Modern technology has revolutionized the way we conduct day-to-day activities, including banking and money transfers. 

2. Select Payment Option: Then, select your mode of payment that can be washing of bills, tax payments or service fee payments.

3. Fill Payment Details: Offer the input section where you can specify the recipient details, amount that you need to pay, payment purpose, and your contact information.

4. Choose Payment Method: Choose the convenient payment method – your bank account, debit card, credit card or ones that are more suitable for you.

5. Confirm Payment: Review transactions’ payment structure and confirm the transaction. You could be given an OTP for validation.

6. Complete Transaction: Carry on the next due by following the guidelines to complete the payment process. The final stage consists of confirmation. After which, you will receive a receipt of the transaction.

7. Save Transaction Details: Do not throw away the transaction receipt or confirmation to keep the record.

If you follow these procedures via Remita, years of struggle to make payments are over because all you need is to use your mobile phone or computer to make payments using very secure and friendly methods.

What is Remita?

What is Remita?

The digital payment platform, Remita, is from Nigeria, where people and firms transfer and receive payments using the internet. 

It is the integrated application that enables users, for example, billers and taxpayers, to make payments, including taxes, salaries, pensions, and vendor payments.

The use is followed by government agencies, private entities and the persons for its convenience, security and ease in management of financial transactions. 

Here, users can remit using its website, mobile app or Banks, financial institutions or any other financial exchange mediums can use this means. 

It has numerous payment methods including bank transfers, debit cards, credit cards, USSD, and mobile money that make it more available by a large number. 

Lastly, Remita cuts costs of doing transactions, eliminates human errors and provides a reporting and tracking system in real time, which is why it is increasingly chosen by people to make digital payments across Nigeria.

Can I Generate RRR?

Yes, you are capable of creating a Remita Retrieval Reference number (RRR) through the website. But then, what is RRR?

This is a code specific for certain specified transactions, for example it may be for bill payments, taxes or fees. To generate an RRR, you only have to: 

1. Head to the Remita website via the internet or through your bank’s online page and choose the type of payment you wish to make, for pay slip, income tax or services.

2. Write the necessary particulars, for example the amount paid for, the reason to pay and the information concerning recipient, as well as the contact information.

3. Select your preferred option from the following available payment methods – bank transfer, debit card, credit card, USSD, or mobile wallet.

4. When you enter all your essential info, the system will produce an RRR code for this transaction of yours.

5. Enter the RRR code into the payment section to complete your payment following the route of your preferred payment method.

After following the listed steps, the RRR code used and payment confirmation issued will be kept intact for your own records and reference, and you’re good to go. 

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  1. Jesuit says:

    and assuming I want to recieve payments on remita how do I go about it.

  2. David Foss says:

    I think REMITA is a great online payment solution platform. With the Central Bank of Nigeria and twenty-two commercial banks patronizing Remita, Remita is a must have. But can individuals and corporate organizations send and receive money from foreign countries on Remita’s platform?

    Thank you.

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