Schengen Countries with Less Visa Rejection: Full List of Update : Current School News

Schengen Countries with Less Visa Rejection: Full List of Updates

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– Schengen Countries with Less Visa Rejection –

However, you will discover about the top Schengen countries with less visa rejection in this post. In comparison to the previous two years, Schengen nations’ consulates and embassies across the world have received more applications for short-term visas.

Full List of Schengen Countries with Less Visa Rejection

However, the number of applications received has not surpassed that of 2014, when 16,725,908 visa applications were received. This is around 500 thousand. On the other hand, the rate of visa refusals has hit four years high.

The percentage of visa refusals is even higher than in 2014. Though the number of applications received is lower compared to that year. If you have been pondering the idea of visiting the Schengen Area – you are not alone.

Schengen Countries with Less Visa Rejection in 2021

The information below should help you in augmenting your horizon. And in conceiving smarter decisions when ready to apply!

Also, you will be introduced separately and gradually down to the last of the top 10 Schengen Area countries with the highest rate of Schengen visas issued.

Thus, the easiest Schengen countries to apply for a Schengen visa are as follows:


Lithuania is the easiest Schengen country to get a visa from. Also, it has only 1.3% of the short-term applications rejected in 2018. Thus, in total, 98.7% of the applicants for a Schengen Visa to Lithuania received a positive answer.

Moreover, Lithuania is placed somewhere in the middle of the table. And this is regarding the total number of short-term visa applications received.

Also, this means you will have to wait for less to make an appointment. Unlike for countries as Germany and France.

In many countries, applicants need to make an appointment for several months. And this is ahead of their planned trip to Schengen.


They listed another Baltic country as the easiest to get a visa from. And only 1.6% of the applications lodged at the Estonian embassies abroad were turned down.

While the rest, 98.4% were granted a short-term visa to the Schengen Area.

Additionally, Estonia is the sixth Schengen country with the least visa applications received. And this means embassies are less crowded.


The Northern European country of Finland, despite the high number of visa applications it receives annually, remains an easy Schengen country to get a visa from.

Rejecting only 1.7% of the applications it consulates abroad received, you have a high chance to get a Schengen Visa to Finland.


With the least Schengen Visa applications received in 2018 and only 1.7% of the applications rejected, Iceland is a wonderful way to get a visa to the Schengen Area.

Yet, you are advised to first check where you need to apply, since other countries mostly represented Iceland, and do not have that many consulates of their own.

This means that if the consulate representing Iceland is crowded, you will need to wait a bit more for an appointment.


Latvia is the fifth Schengen country from which is easier to get a visa Schengen. This makes all three Baltic countries ideal for Schengen visa application.

With 97.9% of the applications received, and only 2.1% rejected, you have quite a good chance to get a visa from this country.


The Republic of Poland is also an easier country to get a visa from. Despite a 0.9 difference with Latvia, those applying for a Schengen visa to Poland have a 97% chance of getting a positive answer.

The Central European country had a low rate of visa rejection of only 3%.


The small landlocked country of Luxembourg may be your way to Schengen, in particular if you wish to visit its neighbouring countries, France, Germany, and Belgium.

With a rejection rate of only 3.7% Luxembourg, which is also the second country with the least applications received, looks like a good deal for Schengen visa applicants.


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visa rejection


All those lodging a Schengen visa application at a Slovak consulate have a 95.8% chance of being approved.

In 2018, the Slovak embassies abroad rejected 4.2% of the 26,797 applications received, which makes it the fifth Schengen country with the least applications.

Czech Republic

Those applying for a short-term visa to the Czech Republic have a higher chance of getting rejected, compared to the ½ of what previously was Czechoslovakia (yes, we’re talking about Slovakia).

Yet, with an approval rate of 95.3%, you still have a prime chance of getting a positive answer on your application.


While in 2014 Greece had a rejection rate of only 2%, things have changed a bit. Now, if you apply for a Germany Schengen visa, you have a chance of 4.9% to be rejected.

Last year, the Greek embassies abroad approved 95.1% of the applications received.

Greece is the fifth most favourite country for those intending to visit the Schengen area for short-term stays, with 855,285 applications received last year.

Top 5 Countries with the Highest Rate of Visa Rejections

For the third consecutive year, Malta remains the country with the highest rate of visa refusals. Second, on the list is Belgium.

Also, Belgium was listed above Malta, as the country with the highest rate of visa refusals once upon a time.

The third in the list with the highest percentage of visa rejections is Portugal. However, the fourth and fifth are France and the Netherlands.

With the above information, you should be guided on where to apply for the visa. However, if this information is useful, please share it.

CSN Team.

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