Effects of Peer Learning in the Study of Commerce in Senior Secondary Schools in Delta State

ABSTRACT The study investigated the effect of peer learning in the study of commerce in senior secondary schools in Delta State. The work adopted a quasi-experimental design, specifically the pre-test, post-test, non-equivalent control group design. Three research questions and three null hypotheses guided the study. The population of the study was 745 out of it, […]

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Workshop Management Competency Improvement Needs of Automechanics Teachers in The South East States of Nigeria

ABSTRACT   The main purpose of the study was to determine the workshop management competencies improvement needs of Automechanics teachers in the South East States of Nigeria. The study was made of three specific purposes, research questions and hypotheses respectively. The study was carried out in five states using a survey research design with a population of 51 […]

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Strategies for Increasing Gender Equity in Technical Education in Benue State, Nigeria

ABSTRACT   The purpose of this study was to determine the strategies for increasing gender equity in Technical Education in Benue State. Five research questions and five hypotheses guided the study. Descriptive Survey research design was adopted for the research. The total population was 268, comprising 244 technical teachers and 24 principals and vice-principals in the […]

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Effectiveness of Some Organic Extracts (Neem and Garlic Extracts) In the Control of Storage Pests of Grains

Abstract This research set out to determine the effectiveness of some organic extracts (neem and garlic extracts) in the control of storage pests of grains. The research also studied the effect of the extracts on duration for progeny emergence in terms of numbers of progeny emergence after six weeks. An experimental research design was employed […]

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Application of Indigenous Knowledge to Sustainable Agricultural Production in Enugu State: Constraints and Enhancement Strategies

ABSTRACT   This research set out to investigate the extent to which Ik has been used, and can still be used to guarantee sustainable agricultural production. The research also studied those constraints that militate against sustained use of the Ik system as well as strategies for enhancing the practices. A survey research was employed for the […]

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Entry-level Skills Needed in Poultry Production by Senior Secondary School Final Year Students of Agricultural Science in Aguata, Agricultural Zones of Anambra State

ABSTRACT Specifically, the study was conducted to identify entry-level skills needed in poultry production by senior secondary school final year students of Agricultural Science in Aguata Agricultural zone of Anambra State. The study adopted a survey research design. The population for the study consisted of 60 senior secondary school Teachers of Agricultural Science, 20 Extension […]

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Development and Validation of an Electronic Learning (e- learning) Programme for the Digital Empowerment of Students in South-East, Nigeria

ABSTRACT This study developed an e-learning programme for digital empowerment of university students in South-East, Nigeria. Specifically, the study sought to identify: the objectives of e-learning programme. The content of e-learning training programme, the instructional methods to be used in e-learning programme, learning experience required to enhance learning in e-learning programme, activities to be used […]

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Effect of Prior Knowledge of Specific Objectives of Agricultural Science Instruction on the Academic Performance of Senior Secondary School Students

ABSTRACT This study was carried out to empirically determine whether students who become aware of instructional objectives of agricultural science instruction perform significantly better in a post test on subject matter covered by the objectives than students who are unaware of the instructional objectives. Five research questions were developed and answered in consonance with the […]

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Comparative Effect of Three Teaching Techniques on Students’ Academic Achievement, Interest and Retention in Radio and Television Trade in Technical colleges in Kogi State

ABSTRACT The study investigated the comparative effect of threee teaching techniques (modeling, coaching and scaffolding) on students’ achievement, interest and retention in Radio and Television in Technical Colleges in kogi state. Six research questions were posed and answered, while nine hypotheses were formulated and tested at p > 0.05 level of significance. The study was […]

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Assessment of the Functionality and Utilization of Instructional Facilities in Teaching and Learning Automobile Technology in Tertiary Institutions In South-South, Nigeria

ABSTRACT This study focused on assessing the instructional facilities in teaching and learning of automobile technology in tertiary institutions in south-south, Nigeria. A survey research design was adopted, the respondents for the study comprised150 lecturers and 90 automobile technologists from 11 tertiary institutions in south-south, Nigeria, making a total population of 240 respondents. An observational […]

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