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Autobiography Essay Examples, Meaning, and Writing Guidelines

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Autobiography Essay Examples. Unlike a biography, an autobiography is a focused account of a writer’s life. This is told from the writer’s own point of view. Autobiographies fall into the nonfiction category. In this article, you learn about how to write an autobiography essay. Also, you shall read some autobiography essay examples.

Autobiography Essay Examples, Meaning and Writing Guidelines

Autobiographies are typically written in the first person. And use the pronoun, ‘I’. And this makes it easier for the writer to reflect upon and provide some perspective on life events. Although autobiographical essays can be an abbreviated summary of an entire life, note.

They usually focus on a certain accomplishment or experience. Also, their purpose is to educate, entertain or illustrate lessons learned retrospectively.

Meaning of Autobiography Essay

Before looking at autobiography essay examples, note. An autobiography essay is a paper based on your own personal knowledge that usually dwells upon one episode that had a major influence on one’s personality or worldview.

Also, it might be a part of a usual assignment or a necessary part of a college application. In any case, it is something you are sharing to present some personal qualities or make an interesting outcome.

Autobiography Essay Writing Guidelines

Before looking at autobiography essay examples, note. When writing an autobiographical essay, either for a class or for potential publication, note. There are three basic criteria to keep in mind.

First, because an essay is shorter than a novel, focus on one aspect of your life. Such as a job, your family, or the loss of a loved one. And dig into it. Also. use the essay to embrace mistakes and show readers what you have learned.

Also, second, make your writing clear and focused. And only include those details essential to your story. For example, if you’re writing about your marriage, note. Do not go onto a tangent about your childhood pet.

Furthermore, third, keep in mind that, even though you are writing about true events, the essay should still read like a story. Thus, start with a catchy lead-in. Also, develop your characters. And plot and finish with an ending that leaves readers thinking.

Autobiography Essay Examples

Below are some autobiography essay examples:

Example 1

London autobiographical entitled ‘What Life Means to Me’. Written in 1905.
‘…I was down in the cellar of society, down in the subterranean depths of misery about which it is neither nice nor proper to speak. I was in the pit, the abyss, the human cesspool, the shambles and the charnel-house of our civilization.
This is the part of the edifice of society that society chooses to ignore. Lack of space compels me here to ignore it, and I shall say only that the things I there saw gave me a terrible scare. I was scared into thinking.
Also, I saw the naked simplicities of the complicated civilization in which I lived. Life was a matter of food and shelter. In order to get food and shelter, men sold things.
The merchant sold shoes, the politician sold his manhood, and the representative of the people, with exceptions, of course, sold his trust; while nearly all sold their honor.
Women, too, whether on the street or in the holy bond of wedlock, were prone to sell their flesh. All things were commodities, all people bought and sold…’


Example 2

For sure, I know that our life isn’t made only of fun and good moments. I also know that difficulties and challenges are both significant and integral components of our lives.
One of my biggest and most significant challenges was paying off huge student loans since my parents were not able to help me cover all my university expenses. It was a tough time for me.
I had to keep a fine line between full-time study and a part-time job to have money for my education and living expenses. There is no way to describe how proud I felt at the beginning of each month when I received my check and planned how to balance my personal budget.
There was another time when I made my parents scared. They were standing right there next to me, hiding what they really felt at that time. Trying to comfort me, when I found myself in the emergency room again was not an easy task for any parent.
I wasn’t a calm child at all. Also, I fancied myself a “stunt man,” the one who always kept his parents worried while giving them so many scares.

Example 3

 “When I was growing up I had never wanted to be a teacher unlike many of my peers. However, one day what promised to be a normal Monday changed my whole perspective.
I was in high school at that time, and we went with my mother to visit a college to find out more about the programs I might follow in the future.
We were lucky to visit a lecture by a physics professor and I thought it might be boring at first. Little did I know, this lecture was the most important hour in my life.
It was a nice sunny day and the campus looked great, there were lots of students and they all seemed so adult to me. It also was unbelievable that soon I might be one of these intelligent and nice people.
We were welcomed and had a great excursion over the campus and the main building and now it was the time to visit a lecture.”

However, from the above, note. Remember to be frank about what you are writing. Do not make fiction as it is inappropriate. Show what you’ve learned and focused on it in the conclusion.

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