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10 Best English Offline Dictionaries for an Android Phones – Latest Updates

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10 Best English Offline Dictionaries for an Android Phones – Latest Updates.

Best English Offline Dictionaries: Currently, dictionary applications have become useful. You can find these apps in android phones.

This articles curates a list of the best English Dictionaries for our phones, that do not require internet connectivity. Kindly read on for more information.

Inventors have made it easy for users by making this dictionary available offline. These dictionaries are of great values because it helps to improve our vocabulary.

A dictionary in a concise definition is a reference book containing the meaning of words in alphabetical list and information about them.

This dictionary is of great importance for English learners, who look for the right words to use in a sentence. It enables them to check out for the meaning of new words, as well as the correct spellings of words.

We can conveniently use this application anywhere and any day, as far as it is being installed in your phones. You don’t not need to carry a dictionary with you anywhere you go.

It is advisable to have this app in your phone for quick reference; this app is available for all android phones.

Finding an offline dictionary can be a very difficult task, as you may always come across the online dictionaries but in this article, I will present the 10 best English offline dictionaries for android phones, you can always go through them and download the best among them.

Below are the 10 best English offline dictionaries for an android phone;

1. Merriam-Webster

This app allows you to know everything you need to know about English. This app is free and doesn’t need an internet connection.

This application helps English learners improve their grammar, vocabulary, and enables users to make correct use of punctuation marks.

Merriam Webster helps you search for words by speaking them, so you don’t need to worry if you are unable to spell a word.

2. English offline dictionary

This dictionary has over 243,000 definitions. This dictionary is a very useful tool to its users as it helps you write personal notes, search history and manage bookmarks.

It contains definition of words, and they are all searched for offline. In this dictionary, flashcards can be created and studied when needed.

With this app, you can look through a list of grammar lessons and also listen to sample sentences. It also has the American and British spellings in it.

3. The free dictionary

The free dictionary works offline. This dictionary includes lots of English definitions. It also contains idioms and slang vocabulary.

This dictionary offers access to dictionaries in 13 other languages. This dictionary provides sentence examples, word correction and also audio correction.

4. Word web dictionary

This dictionary works both offline and online. It features lots of English definitions. This dictionary also has a built-in thesaurus pronunciation.

This dictionary has a unique feature which is the ability to find misunderstood words, and also know the difference between words that sound similar. It is unique and doesn’t have common features like other dictionaries.

5. Dictionary.com

This dictionary is an effective online source for English definitions, word origins, synonyms, audio pronunciations, slang phrases, and lots more.

It works both online and offline. This dictionary is an effective online source for English definitions, word origins, synonyms, audio pronunciations, slang phrases, a translator for about 30 languages and lots more.

6. Dict Box Pro

This is a complete multilingual dictionary and translator. It works on and offline and also supports 30 languages. It is easy and fast to use, it includes also an offline pronunciation tool.

7. U-Dictionary

This app has been of great advantage to its users because of its offline use. If you need help beyond an English to English translation, you can always use this app.

To benefit from this app, you need to copy any sentence from an app and paste it into this dictionary app. You can then know the meaning of the same word in any language that you wish to.

U-Dictionary provides Online Dictionary & Offline Dictionary in 38 languages some of which are as follows:

  • English Arabic Dictionary
  • English Bangla Dictionary
  • English Chinese Simplified Dictionary
  • English Chinese Traditional Dictionary
  • English Dictionary
  • English Filipino Dictionary
  • English French Dictionary
  • English German Dictionary

8. Concise English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Definitions in this dictionary are short and easy to understand. It includes a vocabulary tool that shows words that are close to or the opposite of a word

A great source to use together with the thesaurus on this app is Visual Thesaurus. Visual Thesaurus is a communicative tool that lets you type in and click on words to see other, related words.

This is very useful for understanding the exact meaning of a word, and also for choosing the right word to use in a sentence.

9. Urban dictionary

Urban dictionary deals with slang words. It is a dictionary that explains these slang words. This is one of the best apps that one should have.

Urban Dictionary has definitions for regular (non-slang) words, but they’re funny ones. A regular dictionary would tell you that a car is a vehicle that people drive while Urban Dictionary tells you that it’s “man’s best companion.”

This app is perfect for more advanced English learners who want to understand English-language humor and also culture.

The dictionary contains some rude language and descriptions. If you avoid the rude parts, this app can be wonderful for understanding words in a casual setting.

10. Google Translate

Google translate is very useful. This translator is used when you want to choose the right word to use in a sentence. You can also use it to translate a word from your native language.

This application supports voice-to-text. That means you can say something in English or any other language and see it turn into text right in front of you.

Google translate also translate images. If you see a sign in English and you don’t know the meaning, just point your camera at it and Google translate will help you out.

These are the best dictionaries for android phones. You no longer need to carry a dictionary everywhere you go. It is stressful; all you need to do is to download a free offline dictionary on your phone.

The ones stated above might be of help to you in case you find it difficult to determine the best for your phone; you can always go through it and pick the best offline dictionary for your phone.

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