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10 Best Summer Jobs Ideas for High School & College Students

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Are you looking for a summer job idea to make some side money this summer? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we’ve made a list of the best ideas for summer jobs available.

summer jobs

Part-time summer jobs for college students are almost as coveted as college acceptance letters. Besides searching for classes, college students are just as eager to look for jobs.

That’s because many students need to find summer jobs to support themselves or pay for their studies.

For high school and college students, with the summer season comes great weather, sunshine, and a much-deserved break from your academic activities.

The Best Summer Jobs 

Trying to fit a job into your schedule as a student can be a lot like playing a game of chess.

Between classes and clubs, maybe even Greek life obligations, you need a job that works for you, rather than the other way around.

A good college job will offer flexible hours (like nights and weekends when you’re not in class) and maybe even allow you to get some studying done when the job isn’t too busy.

Oh yeah, perks are always welcome, too. Having a job, you’ll not only be able to make rent, buy books, or have some cash for the bars when Thirsty Thursday rolls around

Also, you might also score free meals or sweet employee discounts.


10 Best Summer Jobs Ideas for High School & College Students

So, let’s get started, shall we?

1. Babysitter or Nanny

babysitter or nanny

Miss your younger siblings at home? Work with kids! Babysitters work almost exclusively on nights and weekends, taking care of kids while the parents are out;

Nannies watch children while their parents are at work. You could also get a job in a daycare center, too.

2. Bartender


Bartenders work in a very fast-paced environment, taking orders, pouring drinks, and mixing cocktails, sometimes in fishbowl-sized glasses. Just watch how popular you suddenly become once you land this job.

Age requirements for serving alcohol vary by state, but you typically have to be 21 or older to be a bartender. What you’d make: $10.84 per hour, plus tips.

3. Gardener or Landscaper

summer jobs

If you love flowers and plants, gardening or landscaping could be the ideal summer jobs for you.

In the summer months, green things are often at their peak heights and blooms, which means they’ll need some trimming and TLC.

For you, high school students and college-goers without a green thumb, consider lawn mowing.

As one of the most popular summer job ideas, you still get to beautify the neighborhood and work with greenery without having to be hired as a full-time employee anywhere.

4. Tutor

summer jobs

Your studies might be on a hiatus during your summer break, but not everyone pauses learning. For one of the most rewarding summer jobs available, consider tutoring.

Many younger students in high school and middle school may have struggled to end this school year and could be quite unprepared for the upcoming semester.

Give them a hand by tutoring them on specific subjects you’re well-versed in, such as math, history, science, or English.

5. Boutique Sales Associate

summer jobs

Boutique jobs are perfect for the fashionistas out there. Some may require sales experience, but many are just looking for the right personality (friendly, outgoing, stylish).

Expect to work afternoons and weekends. You’ll save money on clothing and accessories, as most boutiques offer employee discounts.

6. Photographer 

summer jobs

If you have a nice DSLR and an eye for capturing beautiful moments, reach out to local photographers and see if they need an assistant.

This job is great if you need a flexible schedule because you’ll often work at events on nights and weekends.

Another good option: start your own photography business by photographing your friends for special events or professional headshots.

7. Lifeguard


You are a summer superhero. You sit on your throne surveying the waters, saving swimmers, and looking super cool in your swim gear.

Also, you get to feel good about taking care of people while looking super hot.

But be prepared to acquire your CPR training before applying. Some pools offer it with the hire but others don’t.

8. Housekeeper


Becoming a housekeeper for the summer could be the start of a good habit for you, dear college student: keeping your own dorm/room/studio clean. The hours aren’t too long and tend to be flexible.

Though you leave smelling like a forest, there is an underlying chemical scent. So be prepared to shower the “clean” off of you after work.

9. App Driver

summer jobs

This applies to all that have a car and an untarnished driving record. You can become a driver for any of the popular taxi-style apps available.

You get to work your own hours, which is pretty sweet if your wake-up time isn’t before 11 during summer.

10. Fitness Trainer

summer jobs

What you’d do: Help yourself and others avoid gaining the dreaded “freshman 15” by providing coaching and motivation in the gym with your custom workout routines.

What you’d need: In addition to a strong foundation in fitness, you typically need to get certified as a fitness trainer.

Well, that’s our guide on the best summer job ideas for students on summer vacation, and we hope it helps you find just the right fit for you!

How can a Teen Get a Summer Job?

1. Put the word out to your network.

2. Find out the local “release dates”

3. Look for seasonal businesses.

4. Ask your local mom-and-pop stores.

5. Be authentic about your job fit.

6. Don’t be “that guy” or “that girl”

7. Prepare for interviews.

Is It Easy to Find a Summer Job?

While it’s possible to find a summer job at the last minute, it may not be as easy. Summer positions may be filled weeks or even months in advance.

As a result, it’s never too soon to begin looking (and applying) for summer jobs as soon as you’ve decided you want one.

Why Summer Jobs are Good for Teens?

Summer jobs give teens the opportunity to explore and establish their work ethic, motivation, and determination.

They’ll learn about time management, commitment, and how to deal with consequences invaluable lessons as they move into adulthood.

How can I Make Money Over the Summer?

1. Search The Internet.

2. Become An Online Tutor.

3. Sell Stuff On eBay Or Amazon.

4. Fill Out Online Surveys.

5. Do Small Online Tasks On Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

6. Deliver Food By Car or Even Bike.

7. Drive for Uber or Lyft.

What Should I do with my Summer Job Money?

1. Pay your tuition bills

2. Get out of credit card debt

3. Build an emergency fund

4. Save for retirement

5. Invest in tools that’ll help you excel in your studies.


Got any questions, feedback, or other great ideas for summer jobs to add to our list? Let us know down in the comment section below, and thanks for reading!

CSN Team.

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