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Fellowships in India for Those Who Want to Change the world

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– Fellowships in India –

There are fellowships in Indian citizens that offer incredible opportunities to advance a social impact mission. However, these fellowships contain both fellowships for undergraduates and experienced professionals.

Fellowships in India:

Also, whether your passion is teaching in under-resourced schools, volunteering at NGOs in rural areas, studying climate change, or facilitating international relations, please note.

These fellowships would allow you to pursue what you love. And this is in a way that helps the community and furthers your career.

What is Fellowship?

A fellowship gives graduate students the chance to get more graduates and post-graduate research experience. And this is without breaking the bank.

Some fellowships have little to no specific work requirements. However, others operate more like an internship for graduate students.

These opportunities can bolster a graduate student’s resume and pocketbook. As such, any graduate student with the opportunity should apply for such an award.

Also, Fellowships are usually merit-based awards, with preference given to those with high GPAs and promising careers ahead of them. Please read on to learn more about the benefits of fellowships as well as how to find one.

Some Types of Fellowships

Fellowships are almost always monetary gifts connected to working in a specific field. But what they consist of can vary considerably.

For instance, doctoral fellowships are given to Ph.D. students to fund proposed research that will advance their speciality area.

Also, Medical fellowships are granted for M.D. students who are completing in-depth training in an advanced speciality, such as cardiac care, women’s health, or paediatrics.

Additionally, Humanitarian organizations also often offer fellowships for graduate students pioneering community-based initiatives or studying abroad.

Benefits Provided by Fellowships

Fellowships provide compensation. However, the compensation may not always be monetary. Monetary awards are the most common, however, with fellows often receiving between $5,000 and $50,000 per year as well as a living stipend that also covers travel costs.

Also, some common secondary benefits of fellowships include health insurance, partial or complete student loan forgiveness, or free housing.

Fellows in more internship-like fellowships also gain the benefits that come with experiential learning and continued research.

Furthermore, those with a strong research or work component can give a student a sense of responsibility well beyond an entry-level job in the field and can form connections necessary for later employment.

Some Amazing Fellowships in India

Below are some of the top fellowships in India:

1. AIF William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service in India

➢ Duration:10 months, full-time

➢ Eligibility: Applicant must be the United States or Indian citizen. And must be aged 21-34 having a bachelor’s degree

➢ Format: Volunteer service program that matches fellows with development organizations

➢ Deadline: New cycle begins every October

➢ To Apply: Click Here

2. The AlterNarrative Fellowship by Thrive Foundation

➢ Duration: One year, extendable to a maximum of two years with the possibility of full-time employment post-completion of Fellowship

➢ Eligibility: Applicant must have a Master’s degree in Counseling, Clinical Psychology, or Social Work; fluency in Tamil

➢ Format: Part-time, paid role based in Chennai. Also, the Fellow will be placed in a school 3 days a week and is expected to provide on-site behavioural and emotional health consultation.

Also, support to schools to address barriers that interfere with students’ academic, social and emotional development.

➢ To Apply: Click Here

Fellowships in India:

3. The Antara Fellowship

➢ Duration: One year. And this is with a possibility of a full-time role post the fellowship

➢ Eligibility: Bachelors’ degree in any field, 0-3 years experience. Also, the applicant must have strong analytical and presentation skills.

And excellent communication skills. Also, with the ability to work in a team environment

➢ Deadline: Open year-round

➢ To Apply: Click Here

4. The Art of Living Fellowship/Internship Program

➢ Duration: One year, full-time

➢ Eligibility: Undergraduate and graduate students

➢ Format: Interns are involved in educating the underprivileged and engaging in slum development activities

➢ Deadline: Open year-round

➢ To Apply: Click Here


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5. Ashoka Fellowship

➢ Duration: Three years (plus life-long membership)

➢ Eligibility: Applicant must be an entrepreneur with a new system changing idea that addresses pertinent social or environmental issues

➢ Format: Fellows receive a stipend for the three-year period to work on their initiative full-time. They also receive access to a network of like-minded social entrepreneurs, wellbeing support, peer-learning opportunities, and so on.

➢ Deadline: Open year-round

➢ To Apply: Click Here

6. Ashoka Young Changemakers

➢ Duration: One year (plus life-long membership)

➢ Eligibility: Applicant must be under 20 years of age. Also, must be a founder/co-founder of an initiative that is addressing social or environmental issues at the community level

➢ Format: Young Changemakers receive mentorship, access to curated opportunities, media support, leadership training, invitations to Ashoka events and programs; and are expected to lead a local-level initiative to empower young people

➢ Deadline: Open year-round

➢ To Apply: Click Here

Top Fellowships for Indians Who Want to Change the World

Below are some top fellowships in India for those who want to change the world:

1. Acumen Regional Fellows India

The Regional Fellows Program is a one-year leadership development program. And it equips 20 extraordinary individuals from across India with the knowledge, support system, and practical wisdom.

Also, it is to unlock their full potential and drive positive change in society. Over the course of a year, Fellows remain in their jobs while taking part in five week-long seminars.

There they receive the tools, training, and space to innovate new ideas, accelerate their impact, and build a strong network of social leaders from across their region and around the world.

To Apply: Click Here

2. Head Held High (HHH) Fellowship

The HHH Fellowship program provides the rural, corporate and international youth an opportunity to become certified trainers. And it transforms the illiterate rural youth of India into capable workers.

Also, the program trains committed volunteers for 2 months before deploying them to the organization’s partner centers for a duration of 8 months.

Additionally, during this time, the fellow’s primary responsibility is to deliver the HHH Transformative Program to the rural youth through teaching and other projects.

Also, the program is open to Indian nationals, young professionals, and international applicants ages 18-30.

To Apply: Click Here

3. Gandhi Fellowship Program

The Gandhi Fellowship Program is a two-year Fellowship program for talented youngsters from India’s top colleges.

Also, as a catalyst for school change, each fellow brings a change in 5 schools by being a resource person for the school principals and by potentially impacting the lives of 1,000 children.

Additionally, these fellows assist teachers and identify when and where Headmasters (Principals) need extra support.

You shall be entitled to an all-inclusive monthly grant of Rs. 14,000, a fixed monthly phone allowance of Rs. 600 and rent-free accommodation and other allowances as applicable.

To Apply: Click Here

Ensure you visit the websites provided above to register for the above fellowships in India. Also, please beware of fraud. Good luck as you apply for these fellowships.

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