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Aestivation Induction and Evidence of Conformational Differences Between Oxy-haemocyanin And Deoxyhaemocyaninin Aestivating and Non-aestivating Snails

Aestivation Induction and Evidence of Conformational Differences Between Oxy-haemocyanin And Deoxyhaemocyaninin Aestivating and Non-aestivating Snails. ABSTRACT   Haemocyanin is a high molecular weight, dioxygen, transport, copper-glycoprotein with a dicopper active site found in the haemolymph of several marines and terrestrial invertebrates belonging to the phyla Mollusca and Arthropoda.  Haemocyanin exists in two distinct conformers: The T-conformer (Tense) and the R-conformer (Relaxed). Knowledge of the molecular architecture around the copper atoms in […]

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